Thursday, December 5, 2013

What I have been up to:

I am not to good at this whole blogging seems to get in the way.  Busy times at work and home.  But still finding time  to stitch!!

 Father Christmas by Joan Elliott stitched on Steph's Fabbys "Midnight Tryst"  

 I just love this design...the little bird and the silver Krenik about drove me crazy though. LOL

Lots of beads and backstitching in the future!

 Halloween Luck by Glendon Place stitched on PTP "Eek"

This is such an awesome and fun design to stitch.  No fractional's and those pumpkins at too cute!

I want to keep stitching on this one, really want it done for next year. 

Santa's Village by Country Cottage Needleworks

This design is just adorable and just keeps getting cuter with every house.  Wish  I was a faster stitcher, but in will be finished too!

It's perfect weather here in Kansas for staying indoors and stitching....Cold and windy!!  High for today is only supposed to be 27 degrees.


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  1. I just love your WIP's...they are so cute and you are making great progress on them too. Keep it up....

    Happy Stitching
    Linda K, Railroad